Padmashri Dr. G.V.Chalam

School of Agriculture & Research Institute

Trichy - 620009, Tamilnadu, India.

About Padmashri Dr. G.V.Chalam

Padmashri Dr. G.V.Chalam - Our Inspiration

Padmashri Dr. G.V.Chalam

Padmashri Dr. G.V. Chalam was born on November 9, 1909 at Gudivada, Krishna District, Madras Presidency. He had schooling in Gudivada and Rajamundri. He graduated from P.R. College Kakinada. Soon, he plunged into Indian freedom movement and was imprisoned in Vellore central jail for 18 months for his anti- British activities. His fellow prisoners were Sathyamurty Rajaji and Bezwada Gopal Reddy. He migrated to Varanasi to pursue M.Sc in Agricultural Botany at Benares Hindu University. He passed M. Sc in 1st Class. He joined Orissa Government in Agriculture Department as Research Assistant in 1938. He undertook research on Rice and obtained Ph. D from Patna University in 1944. Dr. Chalam rose to the rank of Paddy Specialist. At the invitation of Central Government, he joined the Ministry of Agriculture as Deputy Commissioner. Later, he became the Managing Director of National Seeds Corporation which was founded by him. Dr. Chalam introduced and popularised Taichung Native 1 variety of rice which ushered in the well known Green Revolution in 1960s. For this yeoman contribution to Indian Agriculture, he was awarded Padmashri in 1967. Dr. Chalam was honoured in 2010 with the issue of a commemorative Postal Stamp for his lasting contribution to Indian Agriculture.

Padmashri Dr.G.V. Chalam School of Agriculture & Research Institute fills the long felt need of training hands-on practicality trained cutting edge farming professionals. Graduates from our School will be role models as farming entrepreneurs who will walk the talk by their example.

GVC Agri - Pioneers School will be a unique institution in which enthusiastic youth will be trained into becoming farming entrepreneurs who will convert farming from the status of "way of living" to an industry vibrant and prosperous.

As our inspiration Dr. GVC did, our students are groomed to impart their stamp of path-breaking innovations in Indian Agriculture.

Hopefully our alumni will earn national laurels like Padma awards through their forward looking approaches to our farming.